Tales Involving Women (Dawscyclops' Solo EP)

by Purveyors Of The Conscious Sound

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released 27 January 2014
Lyrics by Jake Dawson, Nick Holder and Liz Graham

Production by Andy Boonstra and Zach Crawford

Mixed and Mastered by Zach Crawford

Photography by Brett Brooner (Broonamite Photography)

Album Artwork by Derek Miller



all rights reserved


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Purveyors Of The Conscious Sound Omaha, Nebraska

In a collaboration of different styles mashing underground hip hop with thumping dance beats and soulful vocals, the Purveyors of the Conscious sound have formed one of the most unique and untouched fusions of raw and gritty lyrics over crowd hyping instrumentals. With the members hailing from the midwest to the east coast, this four member crew brings a live hip-hop show that is unrivaled. ... more

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Track Name: Soap
she said up, up is where you find release
those eyes are down, shift em north
don't lie to me, i'll get ya for it
never was the liquor pouring
roll one up, then plenty more
two cones zip locked we new so it get hot
she said up is down, confused and losing function now
we'll never make these puppets proud
close the door, fucking loud
like who care?
do stare darling
sure from her view i'm starving
curves smooth alarming
she said up is how you turn the beat
i'm burning looking cursed for fee
she works and hides maternity
reverse breath, hold
it's times like this when words are shit and pass through her like ghosts
a classic fuck sunk tongue to throat
money grow? no tummy grow
fed up feeling hungry though we punish skulls no wavering
decision snap so wafer thin no backbone no baby then
baby when im with you i feel famous
like Petraeus dick or Donald's wig
the buildings tall i kill and walk metropolis
the city gets so toxic they gossip yeah
so, we will keep to secret
til' the stomach punch relinquish 
turn my drama to theatre put speaker on the blast 
that more was more than just some ass
it was a lesson that was graphic
bet those tear drops filled a casket
i wonder how you managed
but im too afraid to ask it
feels like hell though when imagined
solace in avoidance but i'm old enough for challenges
king up on his hill, point me where the valley is
adamant and broke i cram my past into a poem
life is filthy, headphones on, the static feels like soap
i know that magic is a joke, grab the rabbit by the throat
life is filthy, headphones on, the static feels like soap
she said up, upstate is where i'm heading 
check me on the front, front page music section 
huh, yeah whatever non-chalant 
say a bunch and never talk a lot 
a preacher boy now mocking god
we'll always get the oddest look
i gotta push, you holding back
i seal it shut, you open that 
my goals are like dakota land---nothing blocks the vision
the ending was explicit so i'll skip it
forming frowns and foreign grimace pose for pictures 
all we are is figments
on some bullshit mixed with gimmick 
for real it is some bullshit don't forget it (dont forget it)
build the tension with ellipsis (dot dot dot)
chase reminders with a guinness
i wont define her within limits 
Track Name: Salt (Feat. Liz Graham)
a solemn dust is over sofa
no one to fill the holes up sober
lit that cig and sip that soda 
count ya dreams: a sickly quota 
its a bear: no grizzly, polar
business weary sniff the sulfur
get ya focus with a holster full of pills the moods a coaster
watch me vomit, queen
chronic mixed with dramamine 
a sudden rush to follow dreams is what ya smoking 
i've bled the alphabet with poets 
giving pennies to the vultures 
now look they hover closer 
always more, its never over 
'til oh word? missed the memo
lick the envelope stick the invitation in a barrel 
out the window when it's dead cold 
count to ten and pull
i wrote a rant and practiced it, your voicemail was full
now the poison sinking low again
so cope with it put fluids on the grocery list
then open quick
dig into a shoebox full of thoughts i had and photo strips 
with mal-intent 
it taste like salt but toxic so its halogen
if its real i wanna feel so go and dig those talons in 

watch how i walk across the tight rope
sideways, eyes salt, dodge another light post 

i met the redness in your eyes and then let it ride 'til morning
lick the salt straight off your skin, jumped into the chlorine 
what a death grip, your squeeze
one i like but floors me 
hear the doorbell, keep it shut 'cause you know what the stork brings
grab my hand let's go and find some shelter
we gotta travel hell first, it's looking like a cellar 
play a stellar game of hearsay 
tell a bird, some things i fear pay
so step up to that podium and give it to 'em pure, straight
kiss the clepto
stealing time i set aside for staring out the window 
licking lips slow this bitch hurts
we hold tight but kid first 
fully clothed behind a door that reads do not disturb
on wednesday felt subtraction
thursday brought some disbelief i wrote inside a napkin
and by friday i was heading north, the people watched me rappin
on a stage
i was sick and all i want is saturday
compartmentalize, silly me, i'm still a scatterbrain 

watch how i walk across the tight rope
sideways, eyes salt, dodge another light post 
Track Name: Sillouettes and Shadows
rain drip, yawn in the gutter 
came to, with dawn on the come up
burnt eyes, pre-dated summer
just ten ticks from five but the mind is so stubborn
wheres my lover? oh, another state
im lighting up to deaden taste 
of words I say, just pages cross my pillow case
i feel okay though
look, I found fire in the record cold of april
and she don't wear a halo
night cap cat chase days go
framed skulls grimace 
ill meet you on the other side of a New York minute
creating moments to live in escaping home its a prison
when your walls speak
alone sitting still, so still 
hear my notebook fill
thoughts of you, im staying patient
while my coffee tasting naked
hold the sugar, baby brang it
skin sweet
nowadays my goodbyes take sixteen bars
I miss the way your lips bring stars
now my disdain's charged, it runs for days
mood swings and cloud spit
all-black outfits
that feline dressed in night impresses right before she pounces 
on my third shift, drowsy
i'd disconnect my shadow from my feet it won't allow me though...

ill make a move, taste the moon
make a movie play it through
space the room, paint in blue 
face a truth we say is doomed 
it may consume, and kill those left
but the thrills no less 
my shadow found your silhouette 

I'm faded shaded from the spotlight 
attention hurts I prefer deferring, not mine 
divert your eyes and blink, I will not be another guy
im standing out in Franklin Street the rain is pouring, thunders nice
midwest weather swinging like my mood
my person is split right in two
thats twice he rude he wrote ink blue
purpose, value, I see both in you
yeah lets get together 'Dal we could make the dopest crew 
i've felt it for brief moments 
breath close, sync to one 
seldom with each, hold it
wheeze dope sting the lungs 
I think im so pathetic and
they think i'm too poetic damn
they cannot tell I'm dead to that
when so high up, no head attached 
I'm out but wanna get a cab 
take it home and never leave 
i wrote this note and drove it to you hoping you'll remember me
when cruising back i'm lost for six hours on the spot
in surplus with my thoughts so my stereo is off 
sit in a little silence 
now we tripling the mileage 
summer's coming hear the humming of the lions
a couple leo's stuck in limbo
weaving love poems through a pinhole 

ill make a move, taste the moon
make a movie play it through
space the room, paint in blue 
face a truth we say is doomed 
it may consume, and kill those left
but the thrills no less 
my shadow found your silhouette 
Track Name: Props (Feat. MC Topic)
the crib is where i come to burn and contradict a pundits word
marijuana on the clock i wanna strangle customers
and make em pay, double
roll cabbage in the hammock with some tanqueray, trouble
dawg im out the muzzle with my teeth chipped, enamel
rock a dirty flannel that i've had since zero seven
bring the brimstone, no need to fear a reverend 
so ya covet at the fact
i'm eating sushi off her abs
with extra sauces
no hands and no chopsticks
muh fuckas riding dick must really need a show
we'll see how loud the quiet gets when giants step on throats
clones still blind with hope
we'll see how far my style goes
they tried to capture it for scientific studies but the vile broke
lost i need a gyroscope 
she lucid with a tiger skull
someday my staircase spiral ho 
by then i'll be out on the road
missing my twenties
swear i'm worth every penny 
plus every tear that you're shedding
let's spot the hostage at a wedding 

dream girl dangerous, you're the only object
movie in the background, moon inside my pocket
do you wanna scoop? (scoop, scoop)
fingers to my temple and i'm asking her to shoot (shoot, shoot)
you know my bonnie want the loot (loot)

she like the way i rap and now i'm pecking on her face piece
need a jimmy hat still questioning my rabies
fly girl, serious, bang her out of steeze yo
my world delirious, Shaq is hittin three's yo
yo bonnie where my car at?
i'm starving at the laundromat
pick me up i'll flip a quarter pinch it then we'll smoke it
my bonnie looking blue with open eyes but i see you
i'm jumping on the tracks but i feel fine when i'm with you 
my mind has been consumed with the poem that it ruin
sprung off love and you swallow my fingers by two 
my vomit is my food, i'll die if you die too
then Daws will bring me back to life so i guess the jokes on you
lost i need to find some hope, so they ask me for a verse
i'm thinking they can't rap at all direct em to a church
my girlie looking uptight, i think she needs to stretch more
my crew moves with L's like horses on a chessboard

i'll take my coffee with a razor blade
and stand out in the rain for days
she folds my notes to paper planes
then tells me that i'm fly 
when im dirty with my face unshaved 
too wordy with the pain display
she's dirtier that brain is great
i'll never question why
we on some oughta beat him right
i mean it like i seen it twice
not giving props to be polite 
i'd rather be the jaded recluse
check my next move it's quiet
for most its such a challenge when adapting to the silence
that i'm custom to it's nothin (true)
blame it on the murder shows
we hoppin in convertibles this life is like a circus though
so check the disappearance 
when her hair blow she look fearless
with a ski mask? shit it's sex
she stick em up for cigarettes
"now don't forget the skittles bitch"
guess we're pretty into it, we love the view while leaning back
some freaks on grass ya we on that and seeing jazz
an open road, no judgment pass, we sing off track
each key is flat 
the sunset as a backdrop also acts as aphrodisiac 
Track Name: Vertigo
im obsessing over words
they don't love me back
you're obsessing over sport teams
they don't love ya back
i took her hand just like her breathe 
and said, 'love i got your back'
stop the track to gain your focus
right between where death and hope is
high as fuck though she don't know notice
(she don't notice) (she don't notice)....
never shot a pistol
and i've never solved a vixen  

i swear i woke so high she had her fingers on my mind
ill take it turquoise 
syncopate with her noise and trigger 
sideways around the figure 
and i watch it got some bodies in my closet
they'll turn to skeletons
in due time, once never ends 
it's been adrift vanish
i saw the lights of atlantis when her eyes flashed like cameras
sneakers made of canvas like ya paint on when damaged
i read you
seen your storm when free of form so we are equals
thats fashion
not afraid, i'll demonstrate some passion
show ya when the mask is off 
ya have to claw, my fingertips are dirty
who knows if it is working
killed the hesitation murder
sensing anx that sank this ship but i'm still burning
i switch the wording, still observant watch my eyes shift
you're fucking perfect and i told her this in silence 
judging by aroma, think she heard me fine
we talk but scared to speak up being honest gets you 35 
survival, lie low so low i say the dirt is home
don't try to lift me up, think i'm suffering from vertigo
nod to alfred
why's every story hell-bent?
takes some courage just to tell it
i dont worry or embellish
the sky is yellow thats a sign that we should slow down
she lines my pillow with her silhouette we smoked out 
anxious, need something to sink my fangs in 
staring into space, obsession in my nature

im obsessing over words
they don't love me back
you're obsessing over sport teams
they don't love ya back
i took her hand just like her breathe 
and said, 'love i got your back'
stop the track to gain your focus
right between where death and hope is
high as fuck though she don't know notice
(she don't notice) (she don't notice)....
never shot a pistol
and i've never solved a vixen  
Track Name: Phantasmagoria
blue lights mesmerize my mind like tragedies 
locked box store the masterpiece 
heart beat the bastard feeds 
on grime
wings spread, she flies
a new day a new direction staying destined for surprise
and a black eye, figurative 
bigger riffs in a theory
what I sift through makes for a weary 
button-eyed skull lint
so mint upon impact
vision gone, pitch black
I can't foresee the bitch slap
but I can feel the sting
raven sings in red
Camilla Rhodes until the end
the real are open kill the dead, silence 
tip-toe my midnight highness 
fragility suggests my likeness
sense an oh no moment
ask Burke, what's the locus of motives?
a mystery stay in low key, bones weathered
neckline naked, a diamond heist is forever
no stoppin, bloody back left pocket
red fingertips on the girl I walk with
inevitable no other options
lookin shookin', posture like a bookend
attentive woman, keeps the blows cushioned
by what the nose took in
n the heart let go 
glamour unfelt til death goes art deco 
so, so in a forest full of hatchets 
family trees have missing branches 
damage under-recognized when running with the bandits 
don't move, stay in
such a dope placement 
exterior is caved in
choke the raven 

red lampshades cascade a downfall
how'm I suppose to act when thinking like an animal?
subtlety is key when in the land of thieves 
sneak motives keep scopin for Camilla
Cenci painting hallways the villa 
interpret verdicts near the curb hid
under wires where kicks hang and birds sit 
place an order, purchase
more sinister than the bill for a cup of joe
it was to kill an ex-lovers soul 
pay for the skill in public rose betty
knows the ending is smoke filled 
hold still for heartbreak hotel 
ghosts still persist when dreams are made for tricks 
like squeezing on her hips
no glitz, not model
the feeling is god awful 
the pull to flaunt, phenomenal 
in my skull again shifting lens
so you'll never know what you'll get
the bullshit dont play and
it even wears your name tag
to masquerade now who's the face 
the stare is blank the barrels not
peril stops, at a squeeze
it began by having dreams 
Hollywood n things (Hollywood n things)
material women 
it takes some time to figure out beauty is deficient
now curtains but no concert here 
just lots to fear the monsters near 
that box will scare
So, identities been commandeered 
the pawn of peers, outta there
only goal is stop the stares
that opera chair is memorable
and all she heard, "silencio"